Yet Another Month Where I Don’t Have Enough Money to Buy All the New Books I Want

It’s that time of the year, folks! Where this little potato updates, and when I have absolutely no money except for the non existent bit I need to keep saving up. This month, I got one book off of Amazon (which was by the way A LOT cheaper at Costco), one book from the library, and one book from my friend.

First book: The Trials of Apollo, Book One: The Hidden Oracle By Rick Riordan

Progress: 54% finished

I got this book on Thursday, May 12 and I am currently on page 209.

 this book, like several other of Rick’s, is based off of the Greek and Roman demigods (half mortal, half ancient Gods), except this series is in the point of view of the ancient Greek god, Apollo. Apollo  has been turned into a mortal as a punishment from his father, Zeus. The book starts off with Apollo falling from the sky, landing in a dumpster in Manhattan. There, he is getting beaten up by some thugs, when a 12 year old girl, Meg McCaffery scares the thugs away. Meg and Apollo meet up with Percy Jackson, who drives them to camp half blood. Im not going to give any spoilers so I’m not writing any more.

I really like the way this is written, and you get to figure out what happens to the seven and Nico and Reyna. (TBH all I really care about is Nico)



Book #2: The Waiting Tree by Lindsay Moynihan

Progress: 16%


There is vulgar language in this book, and there is a frick frack scene in the preface.


This book is about a 18 year old boy who’s parents died, and lives with his three brothers, Paul, his oldest brother, who feels like he is doing the right thing by abusing Simon; Luke, his second older brother, who does not have enough courage to stand up to Paul; and Jude, Simon’s mute twin.

Ever since Simon and his best friend, Stephen, were caught in a (somewhat sexual) relationship, everything was going downhill for Simon. Not only did Stephens father make Stephen move away, but Paul has been abusing (verbally and physically) Simon, and the whole town now knows that Simon is gay. This means that Simon can not go to church, and, his only ally is his workmate, Tina. Now, to make everything better, Paul is threatening to kick Simon out of the house if he doesn’t change. Since Simon and Tina have an alliance, Tina agrees to pretend to date Simon not only so he can stay in his home, but so Monique, another workmate of his, will stop pestering him about getting a girlfriend.

That’s all I’ve read so far.

Book #3: The Happiness Project… and Generally Have More Fun by Gretchen Rubin.

Progress: 32%

Look, I’m just going to be bland and blunt here; this book is very boring. i do not recommend it.

Book #4: Lumberjanes #2 by Noelle Stephenson.

 this is a graphic novel. Usually I don’t read graphic novels, but this one changed my point of view on them. this has a great story line, and is related to the Greek Gods, which i take interest in.

i am going to go now because A) i am hungry and B) i have my foot lodged in a desk compartment, and i probably won’t be able to get it out if i keep it in there any longer.


Bye! see you in a couple weeks!


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